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The CREATORS space


 Spring & Summer

The CREATORS space is a space for youth who want to indulge in their creativity. A space for BIPOC youth to find resources while working on projects and participating in workshops to learn and build their skill in different areas of interest.

Official Opening Date

Hybrid workshops 

Workshops will typically be held weekly and youth will be allowed to sign up for workshops of their choosing.Workshops will explore different fields of creativity.  These workshops will/can be held both in person and virtually. The CREATORSspace can suggest collaborators for workshops and small events.

Let’s Work Together

145 Lisbon Street 106

Lewiston, Maine 04240

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The CREATORSspace official opening date will be May 24th 2021 . Office Hours will be from 10am-5pm , after hours will be from 5pm-7pm . Although the official opening date isn’t for another three weeks, youth are allowed in to do work by request.

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