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Lewiston/Auburn Tournaments




2023 Lewiston Auburn  Tournaments

presented by United Youth Empowerment Services



This tournament is hosted by the United Youth Empowerment services a local non-profit organizing year-long soccer and basketball for local Immigrant youth and young adults in Lewiston.  in collaboration with Liban Negeye , Abdikadir Hassan Lewiston Stars of Maine head Coach. This tournament has also been supported and sponsored by local nonprofits, businesses and Individuals in the area, soccer and basketball have always been an integral part of our lives. Whether it was playing with friends in the streets or watching matches on TV with family, soccer and basketball has brought us together and provided us with moments of joy and excitement. We wanted to create an event that would give back to our community and showcase the talent and passion that exists within it.

Organizing this tournament has been a labor of love for all of us involved.


                          What:  Lewiston Auburn  Tournament and learn to play program 

Where: Lewiston and auburn Area

When:  Summer, fall and winter

Who: Lewiston soccer and basketball teams and various other surrounding teams of 

different ages and skills.

                            Why:  Fosters a fun-filled day for family and friends as well as a sense of community 

unity, and friendly competition, while promoting physical fitness, and sportsmanship, with the diversity of our teams.


For this tournament Please contact us

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