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Youth  Development and Recreational Program

Through our Youth Recreational Program, we aim to enhance our student’s strength and to promote positive outcomes by providing necessary resources. We believe there’s a need for a deeper connection with our youth leaders. Our goal is to educate, guide, and assist our youth in different areas of life.

We cooperate in working with local immigrant soccer and basketball tounement . We host them, which helps to empower our youths' efforts at launching their athletic career.  Youth sports are an entertaining way to raise a child's physical activity level and develop lifelong healthy habits. Sports aid kids to develop self-control, tenacity, teamwork, and personal responsibility. Youth sports also give invaluable opportunities for children to engage in constructive relationships with adults. 


Please contact us at to learn how you can help support and expand our youth program

The CREATORS space

The CREATORS space is a space for youth who want to indulge in their creativity. A space for BIPOC youth to find resources while working on projects and participating in workshops to learn and build their skill in different areas of interest.


Hybrid workshops in Spring and summer

Workshops will typically be held weekly and youth will be allowed to sign up for workshops of their choosing.Workshops will explore different fields of creativity.  These workshops will/can be held both in person and virtually. The CREATORSspace can suggest collaborators for workshops and small events.


Community Building, Movement Organizing, and Community Healing

Our core constituencies are immigrant youth and their families living in Lewiston-Auburn. Our way of working has been to help the youth and their families better understand their social position within this Central Maine community by providing them with information about local social practices, ultimately leading them to be able to create transformation in their social world. Our community is growing, and new leadership is coming up every year.  

Community Advocacy:

This represents the core of our work, advocating on behalf of the community and within the community by providing videos, direct outreach by phone, being at events together, raising community health issues, showcasing community efforts, and monitoring all the work of these organizations. Attending  every meeting of every collaborative, collective, cooperative, and coalition to advocate for the role of young adults in contributing to a racially just world and we have followed through—the work now is regrowth. We cannot regrow our society, our economy, our health care or educational infrastructure without the vision and the transformational energy of our youth and young adults. 



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