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The United Youth Empowerment Services was founded April 18th, 2016 by four twenty-something family men knowledgeable about refugee community needs, enthusiastic about educational filming, and willing to volunteer our time for the good of our people.


Our overall purpose is to empower the will of the people to work together to make the kinds of changes in the Twin Cities necessary for all residents to live together creatively, inspiring the next generation to take on the mantle of responsibility to become leaders of the cities. Specifically, the biggest impact our efforts will have in future years will be to grow and nourish our members so they can achieve their own goals—in a society that recognizes and rewards talent, that respects and dignifies the presence of artists among us, and that allows the story line to integrate the different views and opinions and the ultimate resolution of the particular issue or challenge.


The focus of our work is to raise the voices of the youth, to support their leadership in the community, promote their ideas for bringing about racial equity and social justice, and to develop and manage their own platform for change. Over the years we have collaborated with many local non-profit organizations, area businesses, several individual filmmakers, and also worked with educational institutions such as Bates and Colby Colleges as well as the Lewiston public schools. 

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